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“ The Odds” that need to be DEFEATED

  • Children and youth in foster care most often have experienced abuse and neglect and many have been exposed to domestic and community violence – contributing to difficulties in school due to impaired verbal, motor, and cognitive skills.
  • Many children and youth have significant emotional and health problems that affect school performance.
  • Studies show that children entering out-of-home care often have higher rates of school absences than peers who are not in out-of-home care.
  • Children and youth in out-of-home care have a higher rate of school suspensions and expulsions than peers not in out-of-home care.
  • 67% of children in out-of-home care had been suspended from school at least once compared to 28% in a national sample of youth.
  • A significant percentage of children in foster care have special education needs.

The college graduation rate for foster youth is Only 2%. The college graduation rate for the Lazarus Scholar is 100%.

Consequences of the Child Welfare Experience

  • Younger children begin school without the advantage of early development of enhanced social skills and access to academic learning.
  • Students have difficulty catching up and keeping up with their peers due to interrupted school attendance.
  • High rates of high school drop out due to frequent changes in schools, repeating grades, and exhibiting behavior problems leading to suspensions, and in some cases being expelled from school. Only 48% of youth transitioning out-of-care to independence had graduated from high school at the time of their discharge from care.
  • Decreased capacity of youth to become successful contributing members of society within their full range of potential and talent.

The college graduation rate for foster youth is Only 2%. The college graduation rate for the Lazarus Scholar is 100%.


  • DONATE to the Lazarus Foundation or attend a Lazarus Foundation event.
  • VOLUNTEER for the Lazarus Foundation. We have many volunteer opportunities from mentoring, to care package drives, and event planning. Fill out our Volunteer Application now.

The college graduation rate for foster youth is Only 2%. The college graduation rate for the Lazarus Scholar is 100%. ALL of these activities support the Lazarus Scholars in their pursuit of post-secondary education and their journey to reach their full potential. Let’s work TOGETHER to support OUR youth!

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